From time to time it is nice and liberating to be away from home. People often say “live in the moment”, “enjoy each day like it’s your last”…we are here for you to fulfill your wishes.

Road trip in luxury cars

Imagine to yourself a full moon evening stroll through the ancient streets of Paris. Or dining in one of Paris’s gourmet restaurants as the sun sets over the Eiffel tower. Now imagine yourself doing all of this behind the wheel of a Ferrari – the world’s most powerful, elegant and exhilarating vehicle.

Scuba Dive and safari

If you were given one week to dive and could choose any scuba diving sites in the world with which to fill your logbook, where would you go? With our experience and connections with the best scuba diving guides around the world we’ve got a remarkable macro of Lembeh Strait to the shark dives of the Bahamas, magical reefs in Fiji and wrecks in the Red Sea, there are plenty of sites you’d expect to see, but an even greater number of surprises.
Are you ready to plan your dive trip? We can help you plan your incredible vacations! Galapagos, Belize, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Columbia, Micronesia, Cape Town, Philippines, Palm Beach, Florida Keys, Caribbean And Atlantic, Australia and Pacific, Asia And Indian Ocean, Florida and Exotic Destinations

Great White Sharks

The Great White Shark! One of the ocean’s most misunderstood beauties –The movie Jaws gave these sharks a serious bad press and the only way to overcome these fears is to come face to face with them in their territory. If this isn’t high-risk enough for you, there is another option to offer… scuba-diving with Tiger sharks or Bull Sharks. Even for a shark fan, being on the bottom of the ocean bed surrounded by the least-human friendly “fish” was a little bit scary!


Sky-diving isn’t limited to any part of the world but if you want to fall in love with somewhere then this is the way to do it! If you manage to keep your eyes open you get to check out your location from a bird’s eye view – what could be more magical than that?!

Cliff jump, Bungee

Discover your courage – A healthy amount of adrenaline and amazing views will provide you an unforgettable memories and something to be proud of!

Water Rappelling

Some say abseiling and some say repelling … it’s both the same and involves dangling, or majestically bouncing down a rock. Water-rappelling is almost identical but you bounce like a Spiderman down waterfalls. You’ll get a little practice and ready to execute with no prior experience at all!